Community Broadcast

At a community in Texas, there was an accident right outside the gate–a truck was too overzealous when trying to enter the community. While the guards sent out an email to all residents informing them of the issue, it was ineffective, and many residents began to line up at the gate instead of using the […]

Reduce Line Wait

Before switching to Gate Sentry, a gated community in Phoenix had been dealing with theft, vandalization, unauthorized visitors, and long lines at the guard house during Halloween. The property manager explained that the year before, there were 450 visitors, which resulted in a four-hour wait line at the gate. The next year, the community switched […]

Easy to Use For All Ages

A lot of residents in communities that use Gate Sentry are in their 80’s– some are even in their 90’s. These residents have never owned a smartphone. All the communities with an older demographic have explained that the transition to Gate Sentry has been seamless because the Gate Sentry app and desktop platform are extremely […]