Logo with white fence and red text that says 'Gate Sentry'

Community Broadcast Feature​

Increased Communication. 

An image of a sleek, modern guard house entrance with a gray 'Community Broadcast Notification' from Gate Sentry: 'Hello residents, the West Gate is undergoing construction. Please use the main gate.

After receiving valuable feedback from numerous administrators, Gate Sentry and Sentry Solo have developed an innovative feature known as the community broadcast message. This new feature has been designed to support administrators in their crucial role of safeguarding the welfare and security of users. The community broadcast is sent to all users via text and email, allowing administrators to effectively communicate important updates with ease. 

This versatile feature serves a multitude of purposes, ranging from emergency alerts and gate-related issues to weather warnings and community event notifications. Its capabilities empower administrators to efficiently relay vital information, enabling them to keep community members well-informed and prepared for various situations. By harnessing the power of the community broadcast message feature, administrators can effectively fulfill their role in maintaining a secure and informed community while reducing their workload.