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3-second visitor check-in for staffed gates and entrances. 







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Gate Sentry is revolutionizing visitor access management in guarded properties by replacing traditional, costly hardware like scanners, printers, and computers with a tablet-based software process. This transition to the all-in-one tablet software significantly accelerates visitor check-ins, reduces costs, and streamlines access.

dynamic search

Real-Time Data From Users

The tablet’s dynamic real-time search system filters through criteria as you type, including host name, resident, vendor, license plate, and address, allowing security staff to quickly locate visitors. Security can also select employees within a company name, reducing access time to under 10 seconds. Users receive instant notifications upon visitor approval, enhancing communication and security.

Stored ID Feature

Real-Time Data

Dynamic Search

History Log Entires



treat your guests like vips!

SentryPass is a mobile access pass for your guests. When adding a guest, they will automatically receive their SentryPass from the Gate Sentry software via text. The pass is only valid for the duration set by the user.

The guard tablet now features a new scan function. When security staff scans the QR code on a visitor’s SentryPass, the stored visitor information appears, allowing security staff to grant access in three seconds or less.

user access

Users have the option to use the mobile app or web portal. Users can create and update their visitor lists from anywhere on any device. 
With the Gate Sentry mobile app and web portal, managing visitor access is effortless. Choose to add visitors as permanent, temporary, or banned and remove them anytime. Updates reflect instantly on the guard’s tablet, ensuring seamless entry management.

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History Log

Visitor Arrival Notifications

new user feature


VirtualKey can be integrated into the Gate Sentry App and allows users top open gates and entrances from their Gate Sentry App!

Secondary Access with VirtualKey:

VirtualKey offers a reliable backup for residents when barcodes or RFID tags fail or when using a vehicle without them, including new cars, loaners, or ride shares.

Unmanned Gates & Entrances Simplified:

VirtualKey streamlines access control by eliminating the need for fobs and clickers, which are easily lost, stolen, or shared, and also stops the sharing of access codes, common with physical keypads.

here to Support you

Our team is here to ensure a seamless onboarding process with our detailed training guides, PDFs, and videos. Additionally, we will work with you to create marketing materials to send out to users. Moreover, we offer one-on-one user support. This is why we have an average user adoption rate of 90% at our properties.

User Support Response Guaranteed Within 24 Hours

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User, Guard, and Admin Training


The portal stands out as a remarkable tool for simplifying work processes, primarily due to its intuitive design that streamlines user management.



The portal automates user additions and streamlines onboarding, enabling roles as hosts or tenants.


Reporting Dashboard

The reporting dashboard offers key metrics to better understand user and visitor behavior.


Entry Logs

Searchable entry logs for each user and the entire property offer a detailed view of the property.

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