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modernizing access

Sentry Solo’s software can transform unmanned entrances of any type into highly secure and reliable access points. Sentry Solo’s VirtualKeypad and VirtualKey eliminate the need for physical keypads, fobs, etc. Sentry Solo cost-effective is the upgrade your access system needs to enhance property security!


Property Entrances


Amenity Entrances


Unmanned Gates

user access

VirtualKey Makes Access Mobile

Sentry Solo allows users to use a VirtualKey to open unmanned gates or amenity doors directly from their cell phones–eliminating the need for keys, fobs, and keypads. This eliminates the need for managing fobs or key cards and provides an additional benefit to users when they arrive in a rental or loaner car.

With Sentry Solo, admin no longer manage access codes, lost fobs, people sharing fobs, no information in the history log, hardware and systems breaking down, creating codes, or expensive maintenance. Sentry Solo streamlines and automates these process so admin only have to focus on adding or removing users.

visitor access

Unique Access Code

When a user adds a guest to their visitor list, the guest automatically receives a text with their unique access code. 

QR Code Sign

Upon arrival, the guest scans the QR code at the desired access point, and the VirtualKeypad will appear. 


The visitor will enter their unique access code into the VirtualKeypad. If authorized, Sentry Solo software will unlock the access point. 

Visitor Management

The software sends an arrival notification via email and text to the resident. Users can add or remove visitors at anytime on the app. 


The image shows a visitor arrival notification on a mobile device. When a visitor scans the QR code and enters their unique access code on the VirtualKeypad, the user receives immediate visitor arrival notifications, illustrating a seamless and efficient access process.

Visitor Arrival Notification via Text and Email

Image displaying a user's history report within the access management system, listing all visitors along with their corresponding dates and times. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of past access events, enhancing security and accountability.

Visitor History Log in the App and Web Portal

Image depicting the Gate Sentry interface where users can categorize visitors as permanent, temporary, or banned. Permanent visitors, such as service providers and frequent guests, can be identified and granted access with their photo ID and vehicle license on file. Temporary access can be granted to occasional visitors like plumbers or delivery people, with the ability to set specific time frames or dates. This comprehensive access management system streamlines the process, enhancing convenience and security.

Add or Remove Visitors Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device


Gated Communities

Image showcasing Sentry Solo access management software, highlighting its compatibility with gated communities.


Image highlighting Sentry Solo's use in apartment settings, showcasing the VirtualKey feature on a mobile device. This innovative access management system eliminates the need for traditional keypads, keys, and fobs, providing residents with a more convenient and secure method


Image depicting the Sentry Solo access management software, emphasizing its seamless integration into condominium settings.

Country Clubs

Image showcasing the Sentry Solo access management software, highlighting its integration capabilities for country clubs or golf courses.


Image showcasing the Sentry Solo access management software, highlighting its application in marinas. With features like VirtualKeys and seamless access control, Sentry Solo provides a secure and convenient solution for boat owners, marina staff, and guests, enhancing the overall experience in these waterfront environments.

Storage Units

Image highlighting the Sentry Solo access management software, showcasing its application in securing storage units. Through the use of VirtualKeys and innovative access control features, Sentry Solo simplifies the experience for owners, renters, and managers, providing a more secure and streamlined process for accessing and managing storage spaces

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