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Making Access Mobile.
Eliminating The Need For
Keypads, Kiosks, and Clickers
at Unmanned Gates and Entrance.




Eliminate hardware and makes access mobile. 

Sentry Solo’s VirtualKey enables users to open any access point directly from their cell phone.



Amenity Doors

With VirtualKey, admins no longer need to manage access codes, deal with lost fobs, or address issues associated with shared fobs, such as data tracking loss. Sentry Solo streamlines and automates these processes, ensuring accurate data.

virtualkey is a secondary option for RFID toll tags and barcodes

While RFID tags and barcodes are optimal for granting access to communities because they allow for passive entry, they have an accuracy rate of around 85%. Therefore, the VirtualKey serves as an excellent secondary option for residents if they encounter issues with their barcodes not being read, or if they are in a vehicle without the barcode—such as a new car, a loaner, or an Uber.


Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we’ve reverse-engineered traditional access control systems to eliminate the need for physical keypads and kiosks.

Each user will have their own Gate Sentry account where they can add guests—guests can be removed at any time. Once a guest is added they will receive their unique access code, see details in the steps below:


Step 1

When adding a guest, add their cell number to send them a gate code.  You set code duration. 

Step 2

Your guest will receive their unique access code from Gate Sentry via text.  

Step 3

When your guest arrives, they can scan the QR code to access the VirtualKeypad.

Step 4

Guests enter their access code into the VirtualKeypad, and you receive an arrival notification.

Viritualkeypad—benefits for users

Visitor Arrival Notifications

Via Text and Email

Visitor History Log

on App or Web Portal 

Add or Remove Visitors

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

virtualkey & virtualkeypad

all in one access control

Combining both software solutions can transform all access points of a property into highly secure and reliable entries.​

Utilizing both the VirtualKey and VirtualKeypad enables both user and guest access for the property.

With the VirtualKey, users can unlock entrances directly from their phones and add guests to their visitor list. Their visitors receive their own unique access codes and can use the VirtualKeypad to enter the property. Each entry by the user or their guests is recorded in both the admin and user history logs. This integration ensures comprehensive, secure access control.

Apartment / Condominium

admin dashboard and reporting

The Admin Portal streamlines task management and navigation, offering a detailed history log for all users and visitors. Meanwhile, the Reporting Dashboard delivers key metrics to better understand user and visitor behavior.

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