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Gate Sentry is a multi-faceted global corporation, expanding its reach to new markets yearly.

Gate Sentry’s client-focused approach fosters a community that nurtures lasting relationships both domestically and internationally.

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Leaders in visitor management technology

Gate Sentry delivers a simple solution for guarded and unguarded properties looking for a reliable, secure, and cost-effective visitor management system. Gate Sentry offers a completely mobile experience–eliminating the need for keys, clickers, fobs, or keypads. The cloud-based mobile system allows residents to manage their guest list from anywhere in the world. In addition, the software integrates with your current access control–greatly simplifying the process involved in getting your visitors into your property.

Gate Sentry

Our Mission

A commitment to deliver an exceptional visitor management system that is pioneering both security and usability for users

Our Vision

To challenge existing technology limitations and disrupt the current market through constant innovation.

Our History

As an involved HOA board member of a tight-knit gated community, our founder, Michael Rendon, was flooded with complaints about the outdated and expensive visitor management system that was being used. It was slow, inefficient, and a significant pain point for residents, visitors, HOA, and property managers. Wanting to optimize and improve upon what he had experienced in his own community, Gate Sentry originated. Michael and his team built the visitor management software using the latest in mobile technology and cloud computing.

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The account management team develops strong relationships with customers, connects with key business executives and stakeholders, and manages projects. To contact the account management team, please email

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The HR & Operations team manages and oversees employee relations, onboarding, and company-wide communications; manages employee engagement and benefit/payroll administration. To contact the Human Resources team, please email


The marketing team focuses on improving user experience, social media, and updating the website. To contact the marketing team, please email


The development team constantly works to improve the app, portal, and guard tablet. To contact the development team or offer suggestions, please email


The training team utilizes a variety of training methodologies, techniques, concepts, learning tools, and practices to ensure the maximum effectiveness of training programs. To contact the training team, please email

Customer service
& Operations

The customer service team corresponds with customers efficiently and empathetically to resolve problems when issues arise. To contact the customer service and operations team, please email


The sales team focuses on following up with leads generated through our marketing efforts. To contact the sales team, please email