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90% User Adoption Rate​

A product your users will not only love, but use!

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In many communities that have adopted Gate Sentry, a significant portion of the residents are in their advanced years, with many in their 80s and some even in their 90s. For many of these senior residents, modern technology, especially smartphones, might not have been a significant part of their lives. Yet, the transition to Gate Sentry has been remarkably smooth.

One might wonder why? The answer lies in the design and functionality of the Gate Sentry system. Both the app and the desktop platform are crafted with user-friendliness at their core. The intuitive interfaces ensure that even those who are not tech-savvy can navigate and use them with ease. This emphasis on accessibility and simplicity has made it possible for residents, regardless of their age or tech experience, to embrace the system wholeheartedly.

This success is evident in the numbers. On average, a staggering 90% of residents in these communities actively use the Gate Sentry app or desktop platform. This high adoption rate underscores not only the system’s effectiveness but also its universal appeal across age groups.