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Sentry solo


Two Apple iPhone cellphones positioned one behind the other at a slight right angle. The background phone displays an iPhone with the Gate Sentry virtual keypad on its screen. The foreground phone showcases the Gate Sentry App User profile and the VirtualKey's entrance list.

In gated communities, residents’ access to the premises is typically regulated through the use of devices such as RFID tags, clickers, or barcodes attached to their cars.

While these methods are effective for the majority of residents, they can prove to be inconvenient when dealing with situations involving ride-sharing services or rental cars.

In such scenarios, residents often have to go through the visitor entry process, which can be a source of frustration and time-consuming. 

The Solution: Sentry Solo VirtualKey

Sentry Solo VirtualKey transforms the way residents access gated communities:

  1. Convenience at Your Fingertips: With Sentry Solo VirtualKey, residents can effortlessly unlock entrances directly from their mobile devices. Say goodbye to the hassle of fumbling with physical access devices or enduring long wait times at the gatehouse.
  2. Streamlined Entry for All: Whether you’re arriving in a ride-sharing service or a rental car, Sentry Solo VirtualKey eliminates the need for residents to go through the visitor entry process. This innovation spares you frustration and inconvenience.

In gated communities, convenience and security are of paramount importance. Sentry Solo VirtualKey offers residents a hassle-free entry experience, catering to all unique situations that may arise. Say farewell to the inconveniences of traditional access methods and embrace the future of community access control with Sentry Solo VirtualKey.