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Eliminate Hardware​

Simplifying Communication.

Sentry Solo was created to simplify the administrator’s role. The last thing administrators want to deal with is issues like lost fobs, people sharing fobs, no history log, “high-tech” systems breaking down, and expensive maintenance. Furthermore, administrators no longer have to deal with creating and managing codes; it is automatically done. Overall, Sentry Solo reduces user complaints, is cost-effective, and improves community safety.

Common issues that occur with fobs are as follows:

    • Managing fobs and keypads can involve significant administrative overhead. For instance, if a user loses a fob or if an access code needs to be changed, it may require manual intervention and coordination with IT or security personnel. 

    • Misplacing or losing fobs is a common issue in various properties that rely on them for access control. The consequences of misplaced or lost fobs can pose security risks and create inconveniences for administrators.

    • When fobs, passes, or keys are given to individuals who are not authorized to have them, it compromises the security of the property. 
    • When fobs or access control systems break or experience technical issues, it can result in downtime and access disruptions. This can cause inconvenience for administrators, employees, and visitors who rely on the system to gain access to the premises or specific areas within. f