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importance of monitoring your security staff


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In many cases, visitor access systems focus primarily on controlling and tracking visitor entries, often overlooking features for directly monitoring security guards, which can be a significant gap in property security.

While the common recommendation is to invest in Security Camera Integration—installing security cameras at strategic locations within the gated community to capture security personnel’s activities—relying solely on security cameras has limitations. They may not provide insights into critical issues such as:

  • Inaccurate or missed visitor logs.
  • Unauthorized visitors are being granted access to the property.

This is where Gate Sentry steps in. By empowering residents to manage their visitor lists and receive arrival notifications, Gate Sentry offers a solution that enhances property management’s ability to monitor guard activity effectively.

For instance:

  • If a resident reports that a visitor arrived without receiving an arrival notification, it likely indicates an error on the guard’s part.
  • Similarly, if a visitor isn’t on a resident’s list, and the guard added them to the list without verification, it’s a guard error as they added the visitor to the resident list without proper verification

What sets Gate Sentry apart is its involvement with residents. Property managers often don’t have the time to ensure every visitor log is accurate. By putting residents in charge of their own monitoring, it not only reduces the workload for property managers but also indirectly monitors the guards through the residents’ participation.

Moreover, Gate Sentry offers comprehensive logs, allowing property managers to meticulously track every visitor who has accessed the property. This feature further enhances the property manager’s ability to oversee security measures effectively.

In summary, Gate Sentry’s unique approach involves residents in the monitoring process, reducing the burden on property managers and indirectly helping them keep an eye on the guards. Additionally, the system’s comprehensive logs provide detailed visitor tracking, contributing to a more secure environment