A Memorable Experience at the GSX Trade Show

GSX Trade Show Thanks for stopping by our Booth! Conversations that MatterOne of the most rewarding aspects of attending such events is the chance to meet face-to-face with individuals from various backgrounds and industries. Whether it was a brief chat or an in-depth discussion, every interaction was a reminder of why we do what we […]

Community Broadcast Feature

Community Broadcast Feature Simplifying Communication. After receiving valuable feedback from numerous administrators, Gate Sentry and Sentry Solo have developed an innovative feature known as the community broadcast message. This new feature has been designed to support administrators in their crucial role of safeguarding the welfare and security of users. The community broadcast is sent to […]

Eliminate physical keypads and fobs

Eliminate Hardware Simplifying Communication. Sentry Solo was created to simplify the administrator’s role. The last thing administrators want to deal with is issues like lost fobs, people sharing fobs, no history log, “high-tech” systems breaking down, and expensive maintenance. Furthermore, administrators no longer have to deal with creating and managing codes; it is automatically done. […]

Gate Sentry at the CAI National Tradeshow

CAI NationalTrade Show 2023 Experience The Gate Sentry team had an amazing time at the CAI National Expo in Dallas, Texas last week. We enjoyed connecting with attendees, including industry professionals, enthusiasts, and curious individuals. The expo provided a great platform to showcase our cutting-edge products, Gate Sentry and Sentry Solo. We highlighted the impressive […]

Gate Sentry Multipurpose

Multipurpose Access Control. Enhancing Security & Efficiency for Various Needs At one of Gate Sentry’s communities in Florida, hurricanes are a common occurrence. The community’s previous Visitor Management Access System was very problematic because the only way to communicate with residents was by email. Therefore, if there was a hurricane or tropical storm, the management […]

Gig Economy – Undermines Access

Gig-Economy Undermining Access. Ten years ago, you knew who was visiting your gated community . . . the landscaper you used for 15 years and probably services 6-7 other homes in your neighborhood . . . your housekeeper who had been coming through the gate every day for 4 years, the pool cleaner that comes […]

Streamline Gated Community Access

Streamlined Access For Gated Communities.  In Phoenix, a gated community was grappling with several security issues, including theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. One of the most significant challenges was the overwhelming influx of visitors during Halloween. The previous year saw 450 visitors, leading to a staggering four-hour wait at the guard house. This not only […]

90% Average User Adoption Rate

90% User Adoption Rate A product your users will not only love, but use! In many communities that have adopted Gate Sentry, a significant portion of the residents are in their advanced years, with many in their 80s and some even in their 90s. For many of these senior residents, modern technology, especially smartphones, might […]