Sentry Solo eliminates the need for fobs, keys, and keypads.

Sentry Solo was created to simplify the administrator’s role. The last thing administrators want to deal with is issues like lost fobs, people sharing fobs, no history log, “high-tech” systems breaking down, and expensive maintenance. Furthermore, administrators no longer have to deal with creating and managing codes; it is automatically done. Overall, Sentry Solo reduces […]

CAI National Tradeshow

The Gate Sentry team had a fantastic experience last week at the highly anticipated CAI National Expo, which took place in Dallas, Texas. We were thrilled to engage with attendees, including industry professionals, enthusiasts, and curious individuals throughout the event. The expo provided an exceptional platform to interact with attendees and share insights about our […]

Gate Sentry Multipurpose

At one of Gate Sentry’s communities in Florida, hurricanes are a common occurrence. The community’s previous Visitor Management Access System was very problematic because the only way to communicate with residents was by email. Therefore, if there was a hurricane or tropical storm, the management office could not contact residents because the network would be […]